How do you get started?

Step 1: Watch Matt Mullenweg’s 2016 State of the Word address in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This will give you a sense of where WordPress currently is, and where it’s heading.

Slides are here.

Step 2: Check out this CodePen by James Nylen that illustrates the capability that Matt references in his 2016 address on the REST API that has shipped inside the latest 4.7 release of WordPress.

For an in-depth talk on this REST API-y way to leverage WordPress, check out this talk by K. Adam White.

Step 3: Take a peek a React-based theme created by Kelly Dwan and Mel Choyce. It’s a great example of where we think the world can head with respect to fully leveraging the REST API.

Source on GitHub is here.

For an in-depth talk on this topic, check out Jack Lenox’s WC London 2015 presentation.

Step 4: Become familiar with Git as a tool for collaborating. It’s designed for technologists, but the language can be mastered as you imagine how you might become an accomplished designer in tech. Page through this slidedeck by Alice Bartlett to get a basic sense of the lingo.

Step 5: Check out our cupboard on GitHub. It’s a little bare right now (honestly, it’s empty currently). But over time we’ll fill it with as much goodness as we can find and build and share.