There’s a great tutorial by Shu Uesugi that takes the great approach of “non-computer-science-y” thinking about how to get started in React. This is an approach I took in 1999 with Design By Numbers — which I realize in the long term didn’t stick at all. That said, it was useful thought-kindling for folks out there to get started. Shu’s tutorial was definitely useful to me as I try to decode React from both a computer-scienjce-y view and a non-one too.

I love Shu’s epic disclaimers:

“If you’re comfortable with JavaScript or any of the frontend frameworks like Backbone/Ember/Angular, this tutorial is NOT for you, and you’ll be very frustrated with my writing style. There are tons of great tutorials you can learn from, including the official React tutorial.

Also, if you already know React, you’ll be pretty upset with me as well because I’ll be talking mostly about states instead of immutability or componetization. However, I found that teaching states first is the best way for jQuery developers to see why React is superior.”